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Veerhouse Voda Selected to Build New Caracol Medical Clinic and Dialysis Center

Veerhouse Voda, selected by NOAH New York Inc., has announced plans to build a world-class medical facility in Caracol, Haiti. Veerhouse Voda, which is well known for its disaster-resilient buildings and emergency shelters, will be utilizing its proprietary building system to ensure the project is completed in a time-efficient manner, without sacrificing quality. At present, […]

Veerhouse Voda Featured On Redshift

When Brendon Brewster visited Haiti after its devastating 7.0 earthquake in 2010, he was struck by the fact that he could see a building completely flattened like a pancake and, right next to it, a building with hardly a scratch on it. “The reason why is not because the earthquake was stronger on one side […]

Disaster Resilient Housing in Haiti: 100% Veerhouse Voda Homes Survive Hurricane Matthew

Disaster resilient housing in Haiti became a major concern following the 2010 earthquake and Veerhouse Voda was amongst the first to arrive and help Haitians rebuild by providing emergency shelter, structures, and housing. Since then, the company has built a local factory to ensure similar high-quality structures could be readily available for all. Now in […]

Veerhouse Voda announces the official opening of its manufacturing facility in Haiti

September 10th, 2015, Port-au-Prince, Haiti:  Veerhouse Voda is proud to announce the official opening of its manufacturing facility in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The establishment of the facility in Haiti’s capital allows Veerhouse Voda to locally manufacture material thereby, better supporting the construction of its Veerhouse System buildings, promoting the local job market and improving the quality […]

Veerhouse Voda: USAID Lead Business Plan Winner

June 2nd, 2015, Karibe Hotel, Port-au-Prince ,Haiti: Veerhouse Voda once again rose to the top by being selected as a winner for its innovative business plan, and assisting in the development of Haiti’s social and economic sectors.  Veerhouse Voda was one of 30 business plan winners that were awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by USAID, […]

Compete Caribbean Funds Veerhouse Voda, Haiti

Port au Prince, Haiti, W.I., January 27, 2015 – Veerhouse Voda announces a new award from Compete Caribbean’s 2014 Enterprise Innovation Challenge Fund (EICF).  This support will create over 83 direct jobs, thousands of indirect jobs, and provide the capacity to build hundreds of homes, schools, and hospitals. Veerhouse Voda was awarded the EICF grant […]

USAID/LEAD Funds Awarded To Veerhouse Voda, Haiti

Port au Prince, Haiti, W.I., December 20, 2014 – Veerhouse Voda is the recipient of the USAID/LEAD grant that the company announced will be used to continue its development of affordable and disaster resilient homes and buildings throughout the region.  The Veerhouse Voda construction method was born from the earthquakes that ravished Haiti in 2010. […]

Leopard Haiti Fund invests $ 1.7 million in Veerhouse Voda

Leopard Haiti Fund has invested $ 1.7 million in Veerhouse Voda that will fund the establishment of a local EPS factory in Haiti.

Veerhouse Voda partners with Water for Everyone NL and Stichting Haiti Project to build a water purification school

Veerhouse Voda partners with Stichting Haiti Project and Water for Everyone to build water purification vocational schools in Bon Repos, Haiti.

Rebuilding Haiti: Houses for Haiti’s homeless.

The design presented by New York-based Veerhuis-Voda, using a model invented in Holland, was typical of the better-looking homes.

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