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How it Works

See  a fully-featured home built in 5 easy steps in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction.

Step 1

Step One Veer House VodaA frame of lightweight steel (LWS) is built. The frame gives the house a strength which is equal to a traditional house made of standard construction block.

Step 2

Step One Veer House VodaThe Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls are placed into the LWS frame. The EPS provides excellent insulation which decreases the home’s energy consumption and guarantees a comfortable temperature in all seasons.

Step 3

Veer House VodaA special Veerhouse mortar is applied on the EPS walls. This gives the walls a strength equal to a traditional foundation wall.

Step 4

Veer House VodaThe roof is placed followed by the windows, the doors and other facilities.

Step 5

Veer House VodaThe wall (plaster, paint, tiles, wood strips, stone strips) is finished and personalized to mirror the appearance of the local housing vernacular and other building typologies.